"Feels like you've got something incredible - like I'm opening a Notion-level product in VR." —S.

“It honestly feels like what I imagine people felt when they saw spreadsheets on a computer, or a sophisticated word processor, for the first time." —A.

"I can't recommend this app enough. All in all, I think it's one of the top VR apps out there and the user experience and attention to detail is second to none." —B.

A spatial computing workspace for productivity, creativity, and flow.

Softspace is a new kind of productivity app. It’s a spatial computing workspace that gets you in the zone, shows you the big picture, and helps you see how everything fits together.

We’ve invented a natively-spatial UI that combines the power of spatial computing with the content that you already work with: text, images, websites, and more.

Spatial computing is super exciting—but it’s new. Softspace is a work-in-progress. We strive to learn from our users and continually improve the app.

This Substack documents our discoveries. Join us as we build a better way to think and imagine with computers!

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