good work, i just paid to support the effort.

will try playing with it more to get ideas and feedback

i havent charged my Quest 2 for months, now it gives a reason..

a few quick point

1. in a browser window w Google, i cannot type in the box, i think it might be due to predictive input of Google, how to turn that off?

2. PDF reader seems a important addition needed.. both import and export.. Images and text are good, but its now almost impossible to handle some work flow.. e.g. gettting things from PDF books open a new world within our AR new world..

also after i created a doc, i need to be able to export that in a format beyond just text.. if i just need text environment, VR/AR is not the best environment..

3. I see the best use case beyond a tech demo is to use the environment for brainstorm, tagging, spatial thinking to create something new..

can i export the whole space maybe in 2D after brainstorming? need to be able to share this with other people as well

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Hey Erwin! Thank you so, so much for your long-time support of this project ❤️! I've responded to your points here on Discord :)

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Command Prompt FTW!! 🔥congrats on the launch .... can’t wait to try this!!

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Thank you Noah! Just pressing the spce bar to start creating anywhere in the space feels pretty great, if I do say so myself... Please give it a go, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I just bought it. it's good. but sometimes....


1. the apps frozen.

2. when I try to type some letters after hitting space bar, the letters I type disappear.

I have to reboot the apps the make it works.

3. when I down load an image from Dropbox, it rotate 90 degree to the right by default.

but, overall I like this app .....hope they can fix the problems soon.

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