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I'm really intrigued by Softspace, and I'm keen to see it evolve. For my own use cases, I'm not sure if it's a mind map or a wiki, or perhaps it encompasses both. I have mind maps that I'd like to import rather than starting them from scratch, and I'd then like to mark them up as hypertext to jump to other parts of the map, to open websites, etc.

I'm not sure yet what value the AR provides - for me, it might be a distraction while I try to navigate a complex web of information. Hopefully the value becomes evident as I try to use the software more.

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Amazing feedback, Greg. Thank you!

What are you using now for creating mind maps, and is there a specific file format you’d like to import?

Do you mean the value of AR vs. VR, or the value of AR vs. a laptop screen?

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Hi Yiliu :)

Regarding the value of AR, the value of AR versus VR in this particular application, and I'm not sure what the answer or optimal user experience is. For reference, my main mind map has about 2900 nodes/data points, almost all text. I'm trying to compare the benefits of working with that map and having all that text around me in VR and AR - with VR, I'd lean toward a plain or consistent background that contrasts with the text - perhaps an empty room; in AR, I'm trying to read and navigate the map while being able to see (and be distracted by) other people, clutter from my workspace, etc.

Our mind mapping tool is Mind Manager (version 21), and the native format is mmap, though it also exports to CSV, XLS, OPML and DOC. The 'quick' CSV export is delimited by commas, text is encapsulated by " characters. The csv file presents the map in a tree structure that loops through the node levels, presenting only the text/value of that level with "" for the other entries at that level:

- Header Line

- Level 1 (1)

- Level 1 (1) - Level 2 (1)

- Level 1 (1) - Level 2 (1) - Level 3 (1)

- Level 1 (1) - Level 2 (1) - Level 3 (2)

- Level 1 (1) - Level 2 (2)

- Level 1 (2)

- Level 1 (2) - Level 2 (2)

and so on.

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

Can you add files now? Let’s say I want to add an Excel file, or I want to add a PDF or I have a website open on something that I would like to have it ready there and next time I open the space. Is this something that soft space can do? or when is his future going to be enabled?

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